GANS and nanocoating workshop

Workshop is no longer available on regular bases. Only available for groups of 5 peoples or more. Workshop can be held at your location.
Gerneral information

Workshop overview: 

- Security information (lung protection, eye protection, rubber gloves, and so on...) 

- Production of the sodiumhydroxyd based coating solution

- Production of the salt solution 

- Nanocoating with the coating solution under supply of external heat

- Information about the medical applications of GANS and liquid plasma.

- Nanocoating with the butan flame and production of a plasma battery with CH3 GANS

- Production of a healing pen

Of course you can take home all the things produced in the workshop. To enable you to continue at home, you will be supplied with the nesscessary materials.

You can take home:

- 1 big conservation glass

- 3 copper plates for nano coating

- 1 zink plate for the zink/CO2-GANS

- 1 copper plate for the copper-GANS

- 1 piece flat iron for the CH3-GANS

- 1 Coating solution for nano coating

.Please send your application for the workshop to

The event location will be published as soon as possible. 


The costs are 243 CHF per attendee, please bring in cash to the workshop. For AHV/IV people, the price is reduced to 144 CHF. Please bring your identification in this case.