Magrav Marathon Workshop

Workshop is no longer available on regular bases. Only available for groups of 5 peoples or more. Workshop can be held at your location.
General information

Hello Magrav peoples, the assembly of a Magrav is easy for everyone, men and wemen. You will recieve a step by step guidance from start to functional test. All nesscessary tools will be provided at the workshop.

Some of the parts are very small, please bring your glasses if you need them for reading. The workshop is limited to 9 individuals. This enables us to coach you in the best way possible, and gives enough time for a short experiment at the end of the workshop. 

Given all attendees agree, we will hook up all new Magravs in series and experience how the plasmatic field feels. (hint: it is more than the sum of the parts :) 

The lunch will be consumed at a nearby italian restaurant. The workshop rooms are already prepared, you do not have to bring tools or anything else. The workshop will be held in the rooms of the Eagle Group, 4. OG, Neugutstrasse 54, Dübendorf/CH. 

Google Maps link

Picture of a finished magrav, based on the Magrav Marathon Workshop Kit. Other colours for the round PVC plates are available on a limited base. The device is equipped with a thermal overheat protection, and a glow bulb to indicate proper wireing to the phase of the socket. Connectors for other countries can be processed in the workshop, but have to be brought by the attendee. 

Magrav Konditionierungsanleitung (english link coming soon)


One Magrav costs 450 CHF. It is possible to build two Magravs at the same time, or build one Magrav with two people. For AHV/IV individuals, the price is reduced to 333 CHF. Please bring your identification.