The starformation is based on counter rotating plasmas, which are aligned along the platonic solid tetraeder. At each corner, a small electro motor drives a double sphere (sphere in sphere). The plasma is created by the GANS materials in the spheres, which have to be produced and filled into the spheres by the user. Due to the counter rotation of the spheres, a strong plasmatic field with a single axis is created, which strongly interacts with the conciousness of the user and the environment.

Loading schemas

In respect to the polarity of the GANS and the geometry of the Starformation, there are two reasonable loading schemas for the spheres, a magnetical and a gravitational schema. In both schemas, the polarity of the top spheres are inverted compared to the three lower shperes.


Top sphere: load outer sphere with a gravitational GANS (z.B. Zincoxyd/CO2) and the inner sphere with a magnetical GANS (i.e. CH3)

Lower spheres: load outer sphere with a magnetical GANS (z.B. CH3) and the inner sphere with a gravitational GANS (i.e. Zinkoxyd/CO2)


Top sphere: load outer sphere with a magnetical GANS (z.B. CH3) and the inner sphere with a gravitational GANS (i.e. Zinkoxyd/CO2)

Lower spheres: load outer sphere with a gravitational GANS (z.B. Zinkoxyd/CO2) and the inner sphere with a magnetical GANS (i.e. CH3)

!!! Important information: read before ordering and switching on !!!

The Merkaba Starformation is an experimental device and will be delivered without GANS materials. Good GANS quality is essential for strong field developpment. For operation you need to have your own DC power supply, which has to be precisly adjustable between 0 and 3 Volts, and has at least 10 Watts power. Included are three sets of spheres (=24 double spheres) which have to be filled and sealed by the user with super glue and selfvulcanising tape. The glue and the selfvulcanising tape is included. The sphereholders are designed for 40mm outer core diameter, different sizes are possible (i.e. 2 inces or tripple cores). The lifespan of the spheres is not infinite, due to the rotation there are always little losses from small amounts of water diffusing thru the acryl spheres. In other cases, if the inner sealing tape is not applied correctly, the sealing can break. The electro motors are designed to handle much more power than is required for the Merkaba Starformation, this ensures sufficient heat production and dissipation, as well as good mechanical stability. Do not go over 3000 RPM with your starmormation due to resonance buildups. For measuring the RPMs, you can mark one of the sphereholders with black and white paint and use a laser RPM counter. The operator of a starformation is fully responsible for the produced fields, take care and share with care.


The motorholders (red and blue edge pieces) and the sphereholders of the Merkaba Starmormation are produced with up to date Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printers. You can choose all colors available from Innofil (go here to see more). Small exception: army green will not be printed.


For optimal field developpment, the Merkaba Starformation should have at least 1 meter empty space araound the spheres. For mobile application just combine your DC power supply with a UPS device (uninterruptable power supply). In this case, hookup a Magrav between the Merkaba Starformation and the lead batteries of the UPS, to get a better field quality.

Special wishes

Auf Sonderwünsche kann gerne eingegangen werden, z.B. längere Verbindungsstangen oder Kugelhalter für dreifach Kugeln.


The price is 918 CHF. The shippment costs have to be paid by the client.


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