Starseeds 4 Peace

Third S4P mission report is online

Ahoy dear Starseeds,

It is a special honor for me to share this information with you. Please print the report and as always check the content with your own intuition.

Here is the Link to the document.

I love you all,
Namaste and Nomaske

Online LIVE Peace Meditations

Ahoy dear Starseeds,

so many people wish to contribute something to the current situation. Therefore I have decided to offer an online peace meditation from Monday to Friday. As always I try to build bridges between the German speaking and the English speaking areas. Therefore the meditation will be held in German on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and in English on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
The meditation always starts at 19:00 Central European Time. The stream starts 5 minutes early, so we can start the meditation right in time.

Here the Link to the Youtube Channel Starseeds 4 Peace

It would be a great pleasure for me to meditate with you!

One last thing, I have created a Telegram Channell for all Starseds.

I love you all,
Namaste and Nomaske

Mama Gaia Channeling #001

Hello dear Starseeds,

as you all know, our planet is not a lifeless piece of matter, but a fully conscious living being. I had the opportunity to speak with her today, and so my first official channeling came about, which I am happy to share with you. Please, as always, check with your heart if the message resonates with you. If yes, I am very happy, if no, I love you anyway ;-) So now to the short channeling:

Hello dear humans,

I am your Mama Gaia. I was asked by Thomas what my wishes are. My wish is to give you more time to resolve and heal your differences.

I support your awakening process with my best energies and I invite all people to receive my love in your hearts.

I also wish that as many people as possible will find their way into the new age, so that together we can experience the paradise that you deserve.

I would like to thank all people who return my love. I especially thank all starseeds who give so much to anchor the light of the Source in my fields and the human community. I know this is a difficult time for all of you. But rest assured, the effort is worth it.

I am always here for you, and I love you so much!
Your Mama Gaia

Seed of Life Meditation Cycle is complete

Hello dear Starseeds,

I am very happy to inform you that the meditation cycle "Seed of Life" has now been successfully completed. The last meditation took place at the solstice in Lucerne. Afterwards we were allowed to see and film a very special cloud. We also found a small disc-shaped UFO in the pictures. I made a small video for you to see for yourselves that meditations really do have effects. 

Here the Link  to the video.

Unfortunately there was no direct contact, which is a pity, but probably due to mistakes on my part. I hope very much that this will not be long in coming.

Since the cycle is now complete and my resources are completely used up, I can't spend any more energy to accompany and protect you in this meditation. Further execution of this meditation is now at your own responsibility.

I will not be able to contact you for a longer time, because I have to take care of my health and my resources.

I love you all,

Greetings to the Arcturians

Hello dear Starseeds,

many sources report that the first contact is imminent. So I created a short video with a greeting and invitation message. Here is the Link. The english text is in the second half of the video.

I love you all,

HOT NEWS: Next mission report is ready

Hello dear Starseeds,

i was busy writing and now the next report is available. Here the Link. Have fun reading!

I love you all,


Gaia, January 2020, by Thomas Kunz

Starseeds 4 Peace - Seed of Life Mission Report

Hello dear Starseeds,

I greet you in the light and love of the One Infinite Creator! I would like to take the opportunity to report some
experiences from the meditations and to address new developments.

It is really incredible how much new high vibrational energy is flowing into all areas of life on earth! We went through
a whole series of very intense stargates from 8.8. to 12.12., and the following solstice and eclipse are also working with all their power, as are the meditations from 12 January! Many activations, upgrades and purifications took
place on an individual, planetary and larger scale.

More and more people dare to share their experiences on the path of ascension on Youtube, and thus carry many pearls into the community of lightworkers and light warriors. Also, new information about the problem with the implants has appeared, which has given me extreme pleasure! Many thanks to these people, you have set off an avalanche :)

Unfortunately, I don't feel so comfortable in front of cameras, I prefer to write. This has the advantage that you can
translate faster and formulate the sentences more precisely.

Due to recent events I will come to some very unpleasant details, the point of which is to recognize and question
technological, military and nation-state programming. Please take everything with a pinch of salt, follow your own intuition and check for yourself what resonates with you and what does not. I do not claim to have a tenant of the
absolute truth at all, it is rather an attempt to offer as much orientation as possible in turbulent times and to create peace. Please print out this report, who knows how long the Internet will be around. Have fun reading it!

Here the Link to the full report: S4P MISSION REPORT JANUARY 2020


General information
Hello dear Starseeds, whenever possible I accompany you daily through the Seed of Life Meditation. You can find the details about the meditation in the invitation of 07. September 2019. We always start at 18:00 Central European Time (CEST). Thank you very much for your participation :)
Namaste :)
Short Update of 25. September 2019

Hello dear Starseeds, i did promise you a video... Here is a snapshot out of this video. You can see on the image how a higherdimensional entity/energy is leaving the Bosnian pyramid of love from bottom to top. In the video, the whole sequence only takes about 0.2 seconds. In the foreground, you can see the pyramid of the Sun.

Invitation for the thirteenth peace meditation 07. September 2019 18:00 swiss time.

Hello dear Starseeds,

After 6 months break we continue with the Starseeds 4 Peace Meditations! And I am very happy to work with you again!

It is extremely exciting what has happened and changed since the first official meditation. The impulses that we have brought together into the mass consciousness of humanity are beginning to bear fruit, and I would like to try to show you how powerful beings you are when you act from the heart and are aware of the divine origin of all souls. All of you who have taken part in the meditations know best which of the themes worked on in the meditation were particularly important to you. Perhaps you will find your impulses in the following list. Of course we were not the only ones who worked on it, so many thanks to all lightworkers, lightwarriors and friends from the galactic family!

So what exactly has changed here on the surface since the first S4P meditation, from my incomplete and individual perspective:

- People have become more critical of technology in general and 5G in particular and are increasingly looking for independent information and self-defense methods.

- Control structures like the financial system, secret services, military, FakeNews mass media, universities, autocratic parliaments etc. are more and more perceived as what they are due to the increase in vibration: no longer desired prison walls :)

- Humanity is clearly beginning to understand that it must treat the earth and life in general better. All the climate hysteria is an expression of this. I would just like to add a short sentence to this debate: the earth itself has no account where you can deposit CO2 certificates, so dear politicians: please stop this fraudulent nonsense and start fishing plastic from the sea and collecting the uranium ammunition you shot in wars against international law. Just as a suggestion.

- Prominent pedophiles are now arrested, the sealed indictments are opened. At this point congratulations to all lightworkers and lightwarriors, there was a huge black magic constructed obstacle to remove, before this became possible and was also reported in the FakeNews media.

- People are realizing more and more that most major electronic platforms such as Youtube belong to DeepState and that more and more politically motivated censorship is being exercised. The effect of censorship is also clearly visible, there are attempts to cloud the fact that some governments have been trading ET for a long time and that people have been traded as slaves for technology. Of course, attempts are also being made to prevent mankind from freeing itself from the controlling web of lies.

- More and more people have direct encounters with beings from other dimensions and more and more telepathic friendships are developing.

And these are only some of the changes visible on the surface. "Under the hood" the changes are only visible to those who are directly involved, have access to the information, or have expanded perception. And a lot has happened here too, also from my individual perspective:

- The energetic connection of the whole solar system has been influenced and with it the consciousness of the sun and all planets. With each meditation in which people connect with the central sun, the connecting fields are further strengthened and the vibration on earth is further increased.

- The Sun Pyramid in Bosnines has been activated to the next higher level. A lot of additional lightful energy now flows into the energetic structures of the earth and helps to prepare all life for the upcoming changes. This energy is also directed into the underground realms and helps to remove negative beings and their blockages.

- The understanding of how we can use our creative abilities on the higher levels is increasing, special thanks to all Pleiadians and Arcturians for all the information you have given us! The information is very welcome, please continue :)

- The interaction with animals becomes easier and more loving. The wild animals slowly lose their shyness towards people whose consciousness is centered in love. Sometimes even telepathic contact is initiated by the animals. Love greetings to the elephant family who embraced me so beautifully with their trunks :)

- The many different meditations were so successful that now a number of additional freeloaders are trying to take advantage of the situation. We are therefore urged to remain vigilant. 
I would like to go into the last point in a little more detail. There are many people in this game who don't play with open cards and try to bind people with energetic structures. Harald Thiers is a good example: At first, there is so much dazzling with beautiful words, for example "We have secured all money on earth and signed a peace treaty with all ET's", so that you think "if you don't take part in it you are stupid yourself" and let critical thinking fall under the table. It becomes especially interesting when he talks about a "very advanced group", but doesn't specify which group it is. You see, this is not how it works. And it does not correspond to my personal experiences. Especially the lightworkers were and still are attacked, peace treaty back or forth. The best was when Harald said in an Okitalk broadcast: "If you want money, you have to pay money to be allowed to present your project". From my perspective this is complete madness, because if you really had these enormous amounts of money, you could pay enough people to look at the project proposals and evaluate them. And please be careful with contracts you have to sign with your soul. Follow your heart and check this text at will. And also act from the heart, you are the creators of your reality!

But now we come again to more pleasant things. I would like to raise the S4P meditation to a new level, as the corresponding requirements have been fulfilled since August 28, 2019. We will change our focus a little and no longer treat the topics individually, but we will plant many new seeds of life and switch our creative abilities into meditation. I will be happy to explain to you in more detail how this will work. On August 28, 2019, I received an unusual insight into the workings of the Source, and how creation can work along the desire of the Source, and I would like to share this insight with you. I prepared the new meditation on a sheet of paper and when I had written the last word, the prepared intention manifested itself as a directly accessible multidimensional reality. In writing this invitation I further optimized the original design, but the original principle remains.

To give you a better idea of how this works, I will now describe the exact procedure that you can further customize to your needs. This meditation can help you to build your light ships and light islands. How exactly this works, I would like to describe a little more exactly before the start of the meditation.

In this S4P meditation we will practice directly with our creative powers to manifest structures. When this begins to work, there may be violent reactions from the negatively oriented beings as they do not want us to build our way out of their prison. It may also be a test of your fearlessness as you may begin to see these beings. But be assured, a fearless Light Warrior can defeat a 4-dimensional Draco with bare hands, use your connection to the Source!!! But please don't be careless and be fully aware of the resonances you carry within you and with whom or what you want to mess with in case of emergency. You see, you have arrived in the advanced class and I congratulate you!

Of course not everyone is here to fight, so I would like to mention before the meditation that we will consciously manifest protective structures. Maybe you will also put on a special armor, use what worked. Let yourself be guided by your heart and only go as far as you feel comfortable.

It is important for me to mention that the 7 steps described below are not carved in stone. You can further customize this meditation to your own needs. Maybe you have a meadow available where you can lay out the circles with stones and physically move from one circle to the next during the meditation. Of course, you may also fill the individual circles with other content, depending on which topics are particularly important to you. Or you can place 7 orgonites or 7 crystals to further support and anchor the meditation.

So, here we go! The seed of life consists of 7 circles and looks like this: 

In meditation we will first enter the central circle and then enter all other circles clockwise, starting with the one on top. 

Step 1, central energy supply (duration 12 minutes):

Use your own technique to get into a meditative state where the mind is a little calmer with each breath and opens the way for the soul to work. Connect consciously with the Source, the Central Sun, our Sun and the Earth. Allow these energies to flow through you as far as is possible and feels comfortable. Ask the Source for guidance so that all life on Earth and beyond can return to a harmonious state.

Now enter the central circle in the middle. This circle is the most important because it supplies the rest of the structure with energy. Use your creative impulses to incorporate the following qualities into this central circle:

- We connect the central circle with the one infinite Creator and thank you for the opportunity to work for the benefit of all life on Earth.

- We connect the central circle with the central sun.

- We connect the central circle with the sun.

- We connect the central circle with the earth.

- We protect this circle from all negative manipulation attempts and ask all positive helpers on the higher dimensions to help us protect the new structure.

- We guide the incoming energy into the preservation of the central circle.

- We direct a part of the energy of the source towards the earth in order to advance the general increase of vibration.

- Connect with each other, plant a tree in the middle, and feel and see the presence of lightworkers of all kinds.

- Now build a dome with the life flower pattern, and dedicate this structure as a shield, just like the force fields in StarTrek.

Step 2, resolution of control structures (duration 8 minutes):

- Now go from the central circle to the uppermost circle, which is at the 12 o'clock position.

- Imagine again how the circle is enlivened and a dome with shield effect is formed.

- In this circle we direct our loving intention and creative power towards the dissolution of all negative control structures.

- We direct our loving intention and creative power to the removal of negative ET's and enforce the immediate cessation of all experiments on humanity (HANDS OFF MANKIND).

- We direct our loving intention and creative power to the removal and dissolution of all kinds of consciousness-controlling implants.

- We direct our loving intention and creative power towards the dissolution of all negative control structures such as mobile phone networks, nuclear power plants, weapon factories, secret services and financial mafias, as well as artificial intelligence (AI).
Step 3, Harmonization of life on earth (duration 8 minutes):

- Now enter the circle at the 2 o'clock position and bring this circle to life.

- Imagine again how the circle is enlivened and a dome with shield effect is formed.

- In this circle, we direct our loving intention and creative power to dealing with plants and animals. 
- Invite your favourite animals into this circle and don't be afraid if you suddenly see a lion in front of you. When this happens to you, feel his heart energy and stay calm, he is quite nice and accompanied by another nice lioness.

- Expand this circle as you like so that everyone has enough space. You can also build a coastline here to connect with the sea creatures.

- Focus your loving intention and creative power on cleansing the planet, ask all people to help in this process. Ask for the release of technology to render all radioactive materials such as fired uranium ammunition harmless, and fish all that plastic out of the sea. 
- Focus your loving intention and creative power on the closure of all slaughterhouses.

Step 4, harmonization of humanity (duration 8 minutes):

- Now we move into the next circle at the 4 o'clock position.

- Fill this circle again with life and create a protective dome.

- We invite all the angels of healing to us and ask for their help.

- Focus your loving intention and creative power on strengthening and harmonizing the relationship between man and woman and on dissolving all kinds of family violence. Feel how in this circle a harmonious interaction between people arises and past disputes dissolve.

- Focus your loving intention and creative power on an undisturbed development of the children. Learning without compulsory schooling should again become possible for everyone.

- Focus your loving intention and creative power on bringing the TwinFlames and all StarSeeds together.

Step 5, supply of mankind (duration 8 minutes):

- We move further into the circle at the 6 o'clock position.

- Build again a dome with the pattern of flowers of life

- We focus our loving intention and creative power on providing the poorest with clean water and food.

- We direct our loving intention and creative power towards the dissolution of all contracts relating to natural resources. Water is there for everyone, and a water source must never be bought and used by a company such as Nestle.

- We focus our loving energy on releasing clean technologies such as replicators, MedBeds and energy generators.

Step 6, resolution of the primary anomaly (duration 8 minutes):

- We move on to the next circle at the 8 o'clock position.

- In this circle we use our loving intention and creative power to remove the primary anomaly from the universe and help the universe to come to a higher state.

- We connect with all the angels and light forces involved in this great task.

- Imagine the energy flowing to you from the central circle and directing this loving energy to the primary dark structure of the universe. See the light transform the darkness back into the light and a new order spreads out along the desire of the Source.

- Imagine the stress of polarity/duality decreasing in both the light forces and the dark beings.

Step 7, THE EVENT (duration 8 minutes):

- We move on to the next circle at the 10 o'clock position.

- Again, erect a protective dome with the life flower pattern.

- In this last circle we direct our loving intention and creative power to the fast, complete and relentless disclosure of all secret space projects. 
- We direct our loving intention and creative power to the official presentation of all known non-terrestrial civilizations.

- We invite all positive and loving beings to get to know us. Especially welcome are all beings who help mankind to ascend. Please do not be afraid if you discover a reptiloid being in addition to the "accustomed" Arcturians, Pleiades and BlueAvians. Again, check the heart energy and ask if you can hold the hand if you want to feel the energy and intention more closely. 

I thank with all my heart all those who take part in this meditation! You are great!!


Invitation for the twelvth peace meditation 02. March 2019 16:00 swiss time, in Zürich

I greet you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator,

for the twelfth time it is my honor to invite you to the Starseeds4Peace Peace Meditation! It almost feels like a birthday :)
Like last time we will meet again in Zurich near the Museum für Gestaltung. To be more precise, the meeting point is directly at Sihlquai 115. I hope that everyone who is interested will find the right building and suitable parking spaces. For public transport users, the tram stop "Museum für Gestaltung" is the closest.

I would first like to thank all the wonderful creatures who have participated so far. Thanks to you, we have been able to set important causes together to better understand and transform the darkness on the planet. Much of what we have achieved together does not reveal itself when we look at the television, but rather in the quality of the emotions that are set in our consciousness. The vibration of space-time on Earth has increased so much that all life on Earth is now ultimately challenged to position itself to the Source. It is now time to step into our divinity and stand up for the love that we as conscious souls receive from the Source at all time. We will consciously integrate this connection with the Source in the twelfth meditation.

I would like to divide the meditation like last time into four parts a 15 minutes. In the first quarter of an hour we will reconnect with all life on, below and above the planet with loving intent. In the second quarter of an hour, we direct our love to the dependency between human life and the technology that endangers the planet. It is important that we generate an impulse that allows people to see how dependent they are on very dangerous and harmful technologies, such as nuclear power plants and the like. In the third quarter of an hour we direct our love to the dissolution of this dependence. This includes freeing the consciousness of all life forms from artificial intelligence. Imagine how in all universes all cables that supply these structures with energy are unplugged. In the last quarter of an hour we direct our love to the fact that all life can directly experience the connection with the source. The Source invites us to dance with it!

I thank you in advance for your participation and wish you a wonderful time in loving union with the Source!


Invitation for the eleventh peace meditation 02. February 2019 16:00 swiss time, in Zürich

Welcome dear Starseeds and lovers of peace,

it is my great pleasure to invite you again to the Starseeds 4 Peace Meditation! Like last time we will meet again in Zurich near the Museum für Gestaltung. More precisely, the meeting point is directly at Sihlquai 115. I hope that all interested people will find the right building and suitable parking spaces. For public transport users, the tram stop "Museum für Gestaltung" is the closest.

Probably many of you have noticed that the quality and intensity of the energies in the fields continues to increase. As a result, Bill Gates has recently blabbed on camera and confirmed that his vaccination campaigns are aimed at population reduction. The masks are now falling and the truth is coming more and more to light.

With increasing field quality, we will increasingly have to take responsibility for our creations. For those who have done their internal work and can face the source with a clear conscience, this will be a sweet orange pick. A special lesson has been prepared for those who are negative to our desire for liberation. Humanity can no longer be genetically manipulated, implanted, irradiated with negative thoughts and otherwise exploited. Violation is still possible at the moment, but leads to serious disadvantages in the time lines of the attackers.

With increasing field quality, we will increasingly have to take responsibility for our creations. For those who have done their internal work and can face the source with a clear conscience, this will be a sweet orange pick. A special lesson has been prepared for those who are negative to our desire for liberation. Humanity no longer permits to be genetically manipulated, implanted, irradiated with negative thoughts and otherwise exploited. Violation is currently still possible, but leads to serious disadvantages in the timelines of the attackers.

As always, I would like to set some focal points for meditation. I have thought it is about bringing a little more structure into meditation to create greater coherence and make the meditation even more effective.

I would like to proceed as follows: Try to connect the first 15 minutes with your surroundings, with the minerals and plants in your home and surroundings, as well as with all the animals, your soul family, the spring, the sun and Mama Gaia. Pay attention to your breath and try to imagine how the energy from the Source flows in through your highest chakra and flows down to the center of the Earth. For the second 15 minutes, we will focus on the awakening process of humanity and the desire for people to recognize their conscience towards the planet and its living beings. For the third 15 minutes we direct our loving intentions towards the healing of the consciousness of the people on earth and connect with all the angels of healing (thank you Bruno Gröning :). I would like to leave the last 15 minutes free for everyone, surely you will see many more opportunities where we can do something.

Before I say goodbye, I would like to thank everyone who got up early on January 21st to participate in Cobra's meditation. I can confirm that a protal to the central sun has been created. Differently than originally planned, more than 1 dozen star systems have contributed to direct and enrich the energy. Many thanks also for that! Furthermore, I can confirm that the 11th dimensional bubbles have formed, and that they can be created when two Twinflames have found each other and use energy from the source to create. Likewise, many dark fields were purified, and many spider creatures had to leave the planet. This now leads to a further increase in the consciousness of all life on Earth as the light can now shine in places that have been blocked for a very long time.

I thank you very much in advance for your participation and wish you a wonderful time!


Invitation for the tenth peace meditation 05. January 2019 16:00 swiss time, in Zürich

Welcome dear Starseeds and lovers of peace,

another month has passed, time flew by and a new year has begun. We meet again for the S4P meditation, which we will do this time in a new place. We meet on Saturday 05. January at 16:02 at the tram stop "Museum für Gestaltung" in Zürich. Then we walk together to the new room.

I would like to set gratitude as the main topic for this meditation. I am very grateful for all the support we and mama Gaia received! With each past meditation the certainty and the gratitude grows that we are not left alone on the surface and that many different peace-loving peoples support the ascension process. Furthermore, I would like to thank all beings who are active in the field of ocean cleansing. In last Saturday's meditation we were able to set important causes so that the cleansing can proceed faster and we continue to ask for all support for this difficult project. First confirmations have unexpectedly arrived from politics and additionally via telepathic channels and testify of great will and commitment to improve the situation in the seas. Something very special happened in the last meditation, but I'm still waiting for confirmations before we write this success on our flags ;-)

It was with great joy that I saw that the way in which the space-travelling peoples interact with humanity on earth has intensified. The contacts were intensified and once again the phenomenon of the violet night sky was shown, this time in Dublin. I take this as a super good sign for the new year, also because it seems to be confirmed more and more that this light has no cause known to standard science.

Finally I may mention a little amused that the email address was hacked and misused for spam. "The system" becomes more and more desperate and knows that we have seen through a lot of lies and have become aware of our creativity. Victory to light and love!


Invitation for the ninth peace meditation 08. December 2018 16:00 swiss time, at a private location - application required for on site access

Welcome dear Starseeds and lovers of peace,

it is with great pleasure to invite you again to Starseeds 4 Peace meditation! Due to scheduling reasons this meditation is postponed by 1 week. Thank you very much for your understanding. The venue is the same as at the last meditation.

It is fantastic what beautiful experiences come into our lives if we consistently move towards peace. And with increasing practice in meditation, the quality of the experiences also increases. I would like to give you a small example from the meditation of 24 November: The quality of the fields surrounding us has become so harmonized that direct interactions can now occur. I was able to experience how the field of mediation has spread to such an extent that many non-physical beings of light have been able to participate. It was especially beautiful to hold hands together, I was able to feel on this occasion that peace-loving people are indeed welcome in higher vibrating areas, and on many levels there already is a lively exchange.

The very significant increase in synchronicities is also particularly exciting. My opinion is that telepathic communication is commented by the universe. In concrete terms, for example, these are words in a video that were actually created in a completely different context, but suddenly fit perfectly with telepathic entertainment, as if a commentary function were switched on.

Finally, I would like to give you a link to a video that has a very special meaning for me because it has a connection with the roots of my activities in the field of plasma research. I'm happy to tell you that the violet sky (Link from minute 7:20) is a real event that I've seen with my own eyes. With this in mind, I would like to express my gratitude for the great support from above, from Mama Gaia and Papa Suria, from the animals and all the wonderful beings who work with us. I have a feeling that in the end we will achieve a little more than we dreamed of :)


Invitation for the eigth peace meditation 03. November 2018 16:00 swiss time, at a private location - application required for on site access

Welcome dear Starseeds and lovers of peace,

it is my great pleasure to invite you again to the Starseeds 4 Peace Meditation! This meditation will take place at a new and private location, which is a little more central in Zürich and offers us calmer ambient conditions. The exact location will be communicated via private messages. The time will not change, we will start on 03 November as usual at 18:00 Swiss time. If you would like to join our group, please contact me at 079 360 10 20 (from 12 noon). We would like to thank the favela in Volketswil, where we were able to conduct the mediations free of charge until now.

In this meditation I would like to keep the focus very similar to the last meditation in Volketswil. We direct our intention and our love to the gathering of the lightworkers on the surface. Many sources of information still report problems in this area, so we will keep our focus on it until the situation has eased significantly. In addition, we will also support the surface population's awakening process, which has started with increasing intensity. The field quality around the world already shows almost wonderful characteristics, which will increasingly manifest themselves in our consciousness.

As always, this invitation goes out to all beings from the crystalline realms, plants and animals, as well as all non-physical companions who carry love in their hearts.

For all those who are new to us: Always on the first Saturday we meet physically. The other Saturdays we do the meditation where we are.

Finally I would like to say a big thank you to all of you who take part in the additional meditations! We are still a small group, but we were very effective. I would like to assure you that your commitment counts! No impulse is ever lost!


Invitation for the seventh peace meditation 06. Oktober 2018 16:00 swiss time, at Favela Volketswil

Welcome dear Starseeds and lovers of peace,

It is time again and I can invite you to the already seventh peace meditation. We meet again last time at 16:00 clock in the Favela Volketswil to again express our desire for peaceful coexistence with all life.

In this meditation, I would like to ask again to direct our love and our light to those areas where pain is most acute. Use your individual perception to identify these areas. We have many invisible friends who are here to help us in this difficult process. Do not forget, you may be creative and consciously connect your inherent love with the source. So you never run out of power to continue to care for you, the earth and all life.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and assure you that much has changed in the subtle / plasmatic areas for the better. Much more light shines on all levels, and much more of that light now reaches the entire surface population. All peace meditations worldwide and many other efforts have contributed to improve the energetic conditions so far that the attenuation field of the veil technology can now be easily circumvented. As a result of this, the pineal gland finally "gets" the basic energy supply to fully activate itself. Please do not be alarmed if you see an angel standing by your side ;-)

I am very much looking forward to see you again in Volketswil :)


Invitation for the sixth peace meditation 08. Spetember 2018 16:00 swiss time, at Favela Volketswil

Welcome dear Starseeds and lovers of peace,

with great pleasure we may invite you back to peace meditation! We meet again last time at 16:00 clock in the Favela Volketswil to again express our desire for peaceful coexistence with all life. This time, unfortunately, only on the second Saturday of the month, since the 1.9. the favela is already booked.

Also with this meditation I would like to give an additional suggestions. I wish that many more humans would wake up and become aware of their beauty and power, and use that power to finally create a state of sovereignty for humanity. Although the Source has its own schedule for the rise of humanity, we are called to accelerate the process where we can. As we are all interconnected, we can also direct our love and power into those dark corners of the collective consciousness where we collectively stand most in the way of ourselves. These cleaning processes are up and running and show results. An example of this is a court case in Africa, where a Blademizer is in court, because the girl bleed from her treatment and died. I wish that this terrible practice will be abolished all over the world, even for the men. Not because it is banned by law, but because people realize that they only hurt themselves. And we can contribute to that, because we recognize the situation and have the will to bring about change. For the good of the earth, humanity and all life and the joy of the source.

I am very much looking forward to see you again in Volketswil :)


Invitation for the fifthe peace meditation 04. August 2018 16:00 swiss time, at Favela Volketswil

Welcome dear Starseeds and lovers of peace,

with great pleasure we may invite you back to peace meditation! We meet again like last time at 16:00 clock in the Favela Volketswil to express our desire for peaceful coexistence with all life. For some time I thought about what topics we could include in the meditation besides peace. I found the topic of gratitude. We have many visible and invisible companions who help us on our way. I would like to express my gratitude to all those wonderful beings.

Perhaps you have already noticed that we have intensified our peace work behind the scenes. The Starseeds4Peace Meditation is now taking place every Saturday between 18:00 and 19:00. As with all meditations, you can engage wherever you are.

I am very much looking forward to see you again in Volketswil :)


Invitation for the fourth peace meditation 07. July 2018 16:00 swiss time, at Favela Volketswil

Welcome dear Starseeds and lovers of peace,

we are very happy to invite you to the next peace meditation on July 07, 2018 at 4:00 pm swiss time in the Favela Volketswil! I have been thinking for a very long time about what has caused so few people to come to the second meditation. The Universe has provided me with much information to clarify this question, indicating that we were very successful at the first meditation, and therefore a great backlash was initiated to prevent our awakening. But that does not work out as the darker contemporaries imagine. A few days ago was the summer solstice, on this day, many meditations have taken place. We also participated with some starformations and joined a guided 20-minute meditation at 12:07 pm, which among other things was meant to anchor the divine feminine energy better on the planet. It worked so well that two days later I was able to experience the most wonderful nonphysical hug you can imagine :) So you see, if you consciously commit yourself to love and peace every day, you will get more in return than you can imagine. Your effort counts, and I congratulate all wonderful souls who have realized that by virtue of their awareness, they can create a better future for all of us. That's what we do with Starseeds4Peace, not just for the humans, but for all life on this beautiful planet and beyond. We open up new possibilities for all the light forces to help people, and we ourselves are allowed to be the channel for all divine energies and to provide these healing and loving energies to all life on earth. Therefore, I ask all physical and nonphysical light forces, as well as the dolphins and whales, to participate in the meditation, which we will start again at 18:00 in several cities.

I would like to write you much more, but since I have to work to secure my life situation again at the "financial mafia", I have chronic lack of time and work on many weekends through. I thank you very much for the many mails, SMS and Whatsapp's and apologies if your message was not answered.


Invitation for the third peace meditation 2. June 2018 18:00 swiss time, wherever you are

Welcome dear Starseeds and lovers of peace,

It's time for peace meditation again! We invite you all to join with open hearts wherever you are. Unfortunately we can not be in the Favela for various reasons. The already installed Starformations will of course be running, and with combined loving intension, we will once again do our best to help Mama Gaia and all life on, under and over her as she ascends. As always we start the one-hour peace meditation at 18:00 swiss time. Be aware, the greatest treasure is hidden in your hearts, and all it takes is a consistent intension and curiosity to find and share it.

Invitation for the second peace meditation 5. May 2018 13:30 at Favela Volketswil --- no registration needed, just participate

Welcome dear Starseeds and lovers of peace,

many, many thanks for participating in the first event! The feedback we got on site was overwhelmingly nice for us! Seeing people get together who did not know each other before and work peacefully together and peacefully was extremely beautiful! We moved a lot and also had many participants, who were not directly visible! I'm still working on what I have experienced with you. Many thanks to you all who took part, whether in Volketswil and Schwerzenbach, as well as in Turkey, in Vienna, Dusseldorf, Basel. Pittsburg has also participated, but without star formation for now. Soon, Pittsburg, Ireland and a town near Munich will also be added.

I am happy to give you the feedback concerning the influencing of the random number generators. In Volketswil we presented the experiment on the lecture, but then noticed that it was not all well to want to influence a machine with thoughts. Thereupon I broke off the attempt for the local community and repeated the already popular peace meditation. However, the other groups that did continue the experiment anyway, and we organizers have been involved as well. This allows us to have a first look at the data, please note that this is only a correlation, but not yet a causal relationship. Please click here to see all the data. Relevant for us is the Egg 37 shown in the lecture and the period from 18:45 to 19:15. It is also nice to see that there are no deviations (Z> 2) in the data a few hours before and after mediation.

Since that worked so well, I would like to suggest a future voluntary repetition. In order to preserve as pure an intent as possible during the peace meditation, I propose to postpone the influence of the random number generators on another date, perhaps with a offset of two weeks, and to perform this only with the Starformation owners. I'll get in touch again with all starformation owners.

For organizational reasons, we have moved the meditation to the first Saturday of the month, that would be May 5, 2018. We would like to start again at 14:00 clock with the presentation, and start at 18:00 clock the meditation for one hour. The presentation may be a little shorter next time, so we'd like to interact more with you and find out how you want to develop Starseeds4Peace. I'm sure there are still many synergies to discover, and who knows, maybe next time we'll be some more peace lovers.

For organizational reasons, we have moved the meditation to the first Saturday of the month, that would be May 5, 2018. We would like to start again at 14:00 clock with the presentation, and start at 18:00 clock the meditation for one hour. The presentation may be a little shorter next time, so we'd like to interact more with you and find out how you want to develop Starseeds4Peace. I'm sure there are still many synergies to discover, and who knows, maybe next time we'll be some more peace lovers.

By popular request, it's my turn to set up a mailing list, here's the address: Simply send an email to it, then a mail comes back with the confirmation request. I am still working on the welcome texts, but it seems to work. Alpha Tester welcome :)

At the next event we will set up the Dodecahedron Starformation after the test on April 1st went so well. This version offers much easier entry and compared to the Merkaba star formation has a rather calming and centering effect. Here is a picture of it:

Huge thank you to all the participants :)

Invitation for the foundation event and the first peace meditation

Welcome dear Starseeds and lovers of peace,

with lots of pleasure i invite you to the first peace meditation by the new movement Starseeds4Peace. We will found the movement on the 31. March 2018 in Volketswil/Switzerland, where we have found a very nice and natural feeling place with lots of plants.

At 14:00 we (the two founders of the movement) will hold a 2 hour presentation explaining our approach and how we use plasma technology to create peace. After the presentation, we will do a peace meditation which is supported by plasma fields created by the many starformations in Europe, followed by a special meditation where we will influence a remote random number generator.

Here a short list about how and why we work for peace:

- we do not make political demands, we do not organize peace marches or protest actions, instead we use the peace in our hearts and provide it to everyone in need

- we use further developed plasma technology to spread the peace

- we inform about the connections between war, egnergy and spirituality

- we energize structures prepared by other people

- we do a peace meditation every last saturday of a month

- we lift mankind to the level where it can be reunited peacefully with the many loving communities in our galaxy and beyond

Peace movements always have a difficult way to go, especially in Switzerland, where the population has voted for continuing weapons production in national votes. This is direct evidence for a big lack of moral in our country, money counts more than a human life. In another recent vote, the swiss people have given NSA-like permissions to the swiss secret service NDB, which is now allowed to destroy infrastructure in foreign countries. And all this after Snowden and the insight that a political control of a secret service can never work. The NSAUA protocols (NSA scandal commission) produced by very committed free journalists from are direct evidence of this failure by design. And this is just one reason for not losing energy in the political arena.

As you can see on the website of, we use technology for the creation of peace. It is very important for me to point out, that we have further developed the technology of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, and that we are very very thankful for all the inspiration and knowledge provided by him. But in every learning process, there comes a point where the student has to find his own way of correct conduct. In this respect, we deliberately found the Starseeds4Peace movement as a separate neutral entity, inviting all souls with a peaceful intention. This way, we can provide a fresh platform to unite all peoples, and who knows, there may be additional technology coming up too.

But what is this plasma technology and how does it work? Matter in the universe is present in different densities. Plasma technology provides processes to lift normal dense packed matter (like a metal) into the next less dense state. In this less dense state, the matter is more able to interact with our consciousness, because there is a resonance condition with our emotional body. This density of matter is widely known as Orgone, Prana or Chi energy, and
In plasma physics, we differentiate between matter that produces (magnetic) and matter that absorbs (gravitational) this energy. This way, a sort of magnet can be constructed, which produces a flow in the plasma field. If the magnets are spherical, they can be easily rotated to increase the field strength. And if more than one magnet is used, counterrotating the magnets along platonic solids further increases the field strength. This field is highly interacting with our consciousness, if we allow ourselves to experience this interaction. Due to the geometric properties, these fields can also be used for aligning the chakras or to increase psi phenomena like remote viewing, telepathy or clairvoyance. Using this very potent technology comes with very familiar constraints, we are allowed to provide our love and peace thru this fields, but we are not allowed to override the free will of any soul. But we dont let ourselves to be attacked either, in such a situation we just reflect back and try to master the situation with spiritual aikido. That does not always work, practicing makes the master here.

During the development phase of the movement, we have discovered that water from rivers and holy springs can be used to extend the range of the plasma fields created by starformations. We were able to energize the pyramids in Giza quite a lot, just using a bit of water from the Nile and crystals which have been placed at the edges of the pyramids in our system, and the intension of the beautiful soul who did the preparation work.

A few more words for the foundation event on 31. March 2018. We will be able to run 3 different types of starformations, a tetraeder, a Merkaba and a dodecaeder version. The later two will be big enough to sit in, and can be tested after the peace meditation. This will be the first public opportunity to experience starformations from the inside. Because of the big effort required to move and setup all these devices, we will also be there on 1. April for anyone who likes to test the medical and other applications of the starformations.

The Starseeds4Peace event repeats every last Saturday of a month, and we will always start the meditation exactly at 18:00 hours swiss time. At the moment, we have set up 5 starformations in Europe, which will be switched on simultaneously for the meditation. We would love to see more starformation operators in future, and we are here to help everyone interested in participating actively.

The financing of the movement is only based on donations of the participants and patreons. Therefore it is our pleasure to announce free entry for everyone coming to Volketswil.  

Life has prepared us two founders very long and thoroughly for this task, we have to act now. We are friends of the Source, but we are not the messiahs and despite all spirituality we do not pray to the plasma or a starformation. Our goal is for every person to become whole again, and to be in full possession of his powers and abilities to lead a dignified life, in loving union with the earth, the multiverse, the Source and all his children.

We are very much looking forward to work with all of you for peace!

Namaste (Ghandi once explained the meaning as follows: "I honour the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honour the place in you, where, when you are there and I am there, we are both only one».)

Thomas Kunz und Raphael Hürlimann

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