Starformation Workshop

Workshop is only available on request
General information

Hallo Starformation-Interessierte, der Zusammenbau einer Starformation ist ein wenig einfacher als der Zusammenbau eines Magravs. Alles nötige Werkzeug und Material wird von uns zur Verfügung gestellt. Hello starformation peoples, the assembly of a starformation is a bit easier then assebling a Magrav. All tools and materials will be provided at the workshop, with two exceptions.

EXCEPTION 1: The GANS has to be provided by the workshop attendee. If somebody can not produce GANS due to whatever reason, but want to come to the workshop, there is a slight possibility of recieving the GANS from me.

EXCEPTION 2: The powersupply is not included in the price, but can be ordered thru me or directly at your electronics discounter of your choice. I can show you which powersupply are good for starformations.

Because some parts are very small, please bring your reading glasses if you should need them. The number of attendees is limited to 9 people. This enables us to better service you, and gives us enough time for the closing tests. 

Both versions of the Starformation can be assebled at the workshop.

The event location will be provided as soon as possible.  


The application is a bit different than usual, because you have to descide what color you want to have. Please check the Innofil Site to see all available colors. You can also mix colors, for example all motorholders in blue and all sphereholders in green. Please send your color wish and application via mail to Please also state if you need a power supply or not.


The workshop version of the starformation is available for 630 CHF, and 540 CHF for AHV/IV peoples. The Merkabastarformation is avalable too on request. The normal starformation can be upgraded to the Merkabastarformation on request.